Liz Brennan's powerhouse voice is integral to her entirety as an artist; it's rough and untamed, with a spasmodic growl that tussles her music in a multitude of places. A New York artist, though recently relocated to Austin, TX, she has had an extensive career in defining her sound. Throughout college, Brennan studied classical music and opera before initiating her own sound and projecting her writing talent into the modern musical hemisphere. The sound mirrors 70's rock vocals while intertwining vocal complexity and the accessibility of pop music. 

Her new song "Expected To Fly" follows an archetypal summer night drive which transforms into an uplifting pop/rock tune about defiance and strength. With consistent piano chords riveting the surrounding arrangements, Brennan's voice soars high and mighty. The lyric video, with long shots of dark streets and blistering skies, parallels the grandiose nature of Brennan's message and vocal talent. With a motivational ballad, it's definitely easy to steer into uninteresting and uninviting territory. But with Brennan, her voice calls us and assures us that its imperative we listen. Her vocals propel the melody into a convincing and charismatic uproar, and to shield yourself from this would only be sacrilegious. Get Liz Brennan's single "Expected To Fly" out now. 



....Brennan has this voice that is almost indescribable.  She is like Carly Simon gone over to the dark side.  The video is a mix of “Weekend at Bernie’s meets Cry Baby” (Liz Brennan via Dread Central).  I so love this sound.  Brennan is my new hero.  Imagine Wednesday Addams singing love songs.  Siouxsie Sioux would kill for this song.  (No pun intended).  A perfect companion for True Blood or The Walking Dead.