About Liz Brennan

Singer, songwriter and daredevil Liz Brennan creates surprise-filled songs infused with rock and pop that tell dramatic stories filtered through a slightly cracked lens. Proclaimed “demented pop,” her music is propelled by her charismatic voice that breathes fresh life into lyrics inspired by the intensity, struggle and grit of New York City and the bizarre worlds beyond. A ready, willing and able mistress of everything from murder ballads to love songs and upbeat party tunes, Liz’s unconventional, theatrical approach to songwriting mingles contagious ‘70s good-time rock riffs and pop beats with complex poetry, layers that sparkle through her well-crafted recordings. Her uproarious performances invite audiences to explore her inner world and dance with her through the apocalypse.


A classically-trained musician and opera singer, Liz was trapped in a world of made-for-TV pop music and light rock in her youth until she heard Peter Gabriel’s “Solsberry Hill” and never looked back. She soon found herself hooked on the hard stuff:  Bruce Springsteen; Stevie Nicks; Kate Bush and even Spinal Tap. Though her head has always been swimming with melodies and words, a class on The Beatles finally pushed her towards sophisticated songwriting and now gives Liz the audacity to sing about her recovery from a crippling addiction to The Corrs, that time she let a transvestite hitchhiker drive her mother’s car and other scenes from her own life.


To date, Liz has put out an EP and a series of singles, several in collaboration with Kevin Killen, who has mixed and engineered some of her favorite albums, including Peter Gabriel’s So and Elvis Costello’s Spike. Liz’s most recent release is the single “The Party Song,” which takes a satirical look at party culture and the concept of the party anthem. She is currently finishing up work on her first full-length album, a collection of new songs that showcases her talent as a vocalist, songwriter and arranger and dive deep into rock, pop, folk, dance and the multitude of genres and styles that have contributed to her on-going evolution as an artist. The album will be available later this year. “The Party Song” plus an official video for the track are both out now.